Black Mirror Bandersnatch

Black Mirror’s movie Bandersnatch is here and it’s film like you’ve never seen it before. It’s interactive. We have been able to have interact with stories through books, computers, apps, tablets, games so now it’s coming to film. It’s revolutionary. But will it stick?

Black Mirror have created what seems to be an AI film due to the part when Stefan enters a state of consciousness where he begin to understand that you as an interactive viewer are controlling them. It also creates the illusion that we ourselves get to choose the ending when in fact we don’t because it keeps going and every path will redirect you to the one the producers have decided.

It gives you choices such as what cereal to have, Frosties or sugar puffs and then more severe ones which pave the way for the path you choose such as to work alone or not. Or maybe even commit murder? Whatever you fancy.

I would suggest watching this when you have time to kill because it can take a while, depending on what you choose is how long your path may be. I don’t want to give anything away and your path could be different from mine but from what I’ve gathered your always redirected back to the “right” storyline. It’s like a game! So play this movie and enjoy the next evolution of film right in your home, brought to you by Netflix Original Interactive Productions.


Bird Box

Sandra Bullock in BirdBox

Sandra Bullock stars in this psychological apocalyptic thriller: Bird Box, costarring Machine-Gun Kelly, Jackie Weaver, Sarah Paulin, Lil Rel and John Malkovich. The movie is a Netflix Original production based on the novel written by Josh Malerman.

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Sarah Paulin in Birdbox

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The Hollyoaks Post #W2

SO carrying on from last week, we see the Donovans rise again. After losing Tracy, Adam and now Glen, the Donovans are beginning to realize that all they have is each other, but Liam is obsessed with the idea of following in his father’s footsteps and taking over as head of the criminal empire. Starting with Jay Johnson’s sister, the Johnsons have been portrayed as evil people you wouldn’t mess with and if you did basically it would result in death, even though the Donovans have screwed them over time and time again. All the Donovans and their partners have united. Grace just wants her brothers and again it’s what she knows best and Jesse is just trying to protect all of his family, but will it work out?  Most likely not, but no doubt we will not find out for ages because Hollyoaks have a bad habit of dragging on their storylines.

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The director of The Package, Jake Szymanski liked my tweet about the blog, he might even have been one of the visitors that day, here’s hoping he decided to make a sequel or another comedy🙏🏻 3 cheers for JAKE SZYMANSKI

How To Get Away With Murder

How to Get Away with Murder! is a crime/drama series based in the U.S starring Viola Davis. Follow or tweet: Viola Davis47575422_419895721882309_5393440439338532864_n

The first three seasons are full of suspense, secrets, and drama and I cannot recommend it enough. I binge-watched this series and it was like a mini-mystery right in my living room. I was drawn into the story and was talking about it for ages after. Its got mystery, horror, emotion, a slight bit of romance. There are currently 5 seasons of How To Get Away With Murder but due to UK Netflix only having 3 until recently when they’ve updated the shows,  I have only seen series 1-3, the others have certainly been added to my list.htgawm

I asked the worldwide audience what they like about the show, if the new seasons are as good as we hoped and if anything stood out to them in the series and this was how they responded:

“There are so many unexpected twists and revelations, making it extremely gripping and interesting. I’d definitely recommend it” – Ross McBain (23), Glasgow, Scotlandcourtroom

“Nice to see on tv how dark they are made to be, in regards to a shooting and corruption that is involved. I would recommend this to people interested in the legal system” – Mark Watson (28), Watford, Englandjudge

“What I like most about the series is the suspense in the whole show, and I really love the actress Viola Davis. It’s got ALOT of sexual scenes but i just focus with the storyline. Of course I’ll recommend it for adults – not teens or families, just individual adults.” – Shadow Khalid (23), Cairo, Egypt48355379_361828974577296_9014129755703738368_n.jpg

“A twisted, intriguing and emotionally moving show led by the fantastic Viola Davis and a cast of pioneers. I cannot describe how much I fell in love with the casting-vision of Annalise Keating. I recommend the series to those who love twisted legal dramas, and long and electrifying plots, with a strong kick. I think it’s a really important show, because although – as part of the entertainment – there are some surrealistic parts in the story line (life is way more boring), the series also deals with serious topics such as racism, the situation of the poor and unprivileged, or the equality of women and gay individuals. Viola Davis, Liza Weil, Jack Falahee, Aja Naomi King and the other incredible actors in the show give their best to make sure that the audience enjoy the melodrama and is eagerly waiting to the next chapter” – Sir James (25), Hungary


Annalise Keating – S1E1

Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) is a University Professor at a University in Philadelphia. She, in the series, is a critically acclaimed lawyer and all the students want to be chosen to be a part of her team. Every year she chooses a select group of students to be a part of her law team and fight real cases with her. All the students chosen this year are different but why? Why choose these students? This series has the power of leaving you on the edge of your seat from the very first episode.

Catch season’s 1-4: How To Get Away With Murder – Netflix

Below is the ORIGINAL TRAILER for the series.

First Trailer For Captain Marvel!

Marvel Movies are always good so why not get ahead?

Watch the First Trailer For Captain Marvel!
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#Cineworld Unlimited Update: Film reviews from Oct/Nov #Films

Keep updated with the latest Cinema releases!

I Write. I Read. I Review

One of the best gifts I ever gave myself was to invest in a Cineworld Unlimited Card. I’m in my second year and use it at every available opportunity.

Going to the cinema is my favourite self-help tool when I’m in need of a break from reality. Escaping into a fictional world for a while calms my nerves, fills my creative well, and recharges my batteries. I often see films on my own if there is nobody around to accompany me, and I’m never the only solo cinemagoer in the room. In fact, at certain showings, the number of people watching on their own outnumber the couples and groups.

By visiting the cinema often, I make good use of my Unlimited membership. I’ve even been known to return and see a specific film four times!

Here’s what I’ve watched in October /November:

Venom 5*


A thrilling ride from start to…

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Christmas Comedies and Classics

So it’s that time of the year again, it’s freezing outside and the decorations are up what’s better than being all cozy watching a festive favorite! Whether you’re alone, with your partner or friends, Santa has a present for everyone and a movie for everyone!

This is not one of my usual reviews or recommendations it’s just a list of my favorite Christmas movies. I will be giving a brief description and you can also view trailers clips of my Top 10 Christmas Movies!

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Haunted is another Netflix original production. This series is apparently based on true stories but has been dramatized for production. To define it I would say its a horror documentary. There are only six episodes and each one has a different story, so it doesn’t matter if you watch them in order or not, they’re unlinked. The episodes are also only about half an hour long so its good for a quick watch. I wouldn’t recommend letting your child watch this as it is slightly disturbing and it is rated 15.

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The Package

It’s so hard to find a good comedy these days, but having said that the best one I’ve watched in a long time has to be the Package! This is the best comedy in 2018. I’ve watched it 12 times now and I would still laugh if I watched it again. It’s also my first recommendation in the movie category. The movie is a Netflix Original production and didn’t get much notice before it came out, but it should have gotten way more. I would say it’s not for kids. Do not let your child watch this, the movie itself could be classed as inappropriate but if you find inappropriate things funny then this is the comedy for you.

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